This is the original book that started the i Love My Petals movement. The photography in this Original Petals captures the unique beautify and central mystery of a woman's body - the full flower of her vulva.  The collection presents a series of forty-eight exquisitely photographed sepia-toned pictures of vulvas. MORE...


Genital Self-Esteem may affect a woman's health and sexuality. This poster can act as a catalyst to conversation, normalization, and even healing. Perfect for the Examination Room, Office, or as a gift. MORE...


Can we women love ourselves completely, to the very core of our womanhood?  I Love My Petals challenges us to fully embrace our vulvas and explore true self-love.  With elegant color photography, inspiring quotes, and playful educational essays, this book calls us to join the self-empowered and proclaim, “I Love My Petals!” MORE...

The Gift of Self Love Through Self Discovery

Petals is about true self love, starting at our core: vulva and vagina.  Join us in the new wave of complete appreciation of self via breaking through the final taboo.  Watch the film with a lover or friends, gaze at the depth of beauty, read to be empowered.  This is where the discussion begins...  Welcome to the empowered feminine.


Nick Karras, creator of Petals, is available for public speaking at college campuses, women's groups, non-profit organizations and more. Please contact Nick at or 858-336-1285 for availability and details.


The Journey Into Self Discovery 

This is a remarkable video documentary that both examines and questions the many unspoken myths about the appearance and nature of women's sexual organs.  The essence of a woman's sexuality -- her vulva - has been a taboo subject of depiction by cultures locked into fear of our basic physical nature.  These deep-seated beliefs directly affect sexual self-esteem.  The movie records the reactions of sex educators, women's health professionals, art critics, female activists and more as they confront the physical mystery of womanhood. MORE...

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