Sexologists and the Chinese Sexology Association. In 2008 he received the “Sexual Intelligence Award“ for his Petals book and documentary.

Because of the intimate and honest nature of his work, Nick has gained unique insight into both the fantasies and the realities of the lives of hundreds of men and women. Nick's investigation into taboo subjects and lifestyles has allowed him to experience the basic nature of most sexual problems. His inventive approach to life’s sexual dilemmas combined with his delicate aesthetic sense makes him an outstanding personal mentor.

To learn more about Dr. Nick, please read the February 2014 San Diego City Beat article:

"Orgasms for All"

Nick Karras is a man of many talents. He is a photographer and the author of Petals, a break-through book presenting stunning images of vulvas. A documentary of his work on the project is the subject of an award-winning film. The varied range of his erotic photography has been exhibited in many venues and media – the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, the Los Angeles Museum of Sex, Victoria Erotica Festival, Bravo TV (UK), VaginaFest events,  &  more.

Nick is also a teacher. His Doctorate degree in Sexology was awarded by the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco. Aside from teaching photographic skills at various Lifestyle conventions and festivals, he has been a featured speaker and workshop leader at SSSS (The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality) and ASEP (Association of Sexual Energy  Professionals).   He  is also a member of  The  American  College  of

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